Explore Our Wetlands - KidsFest

Community Events

Friday 10 July, 10:30 am

Come on a journey into our exciting wetlands.
Discover which animals live in them and what grows around them.
Find out where our wetlands are and why they are important.
Make all these discoveries, through a variety of craft and science activities.
Tickets required.

The Lincoln High School Sustainability Council have devised several craft activities and simple science experiments for our annual KidsFest Event. This year children are invited to explore our wetlands and through hands on interactive craft and science, they will learn about the life to be found in our wetlands and the importance of them. This craft morning is a truly community experience with the older students getting as much out of it through their organizing and mentoring as the younger ones doing the activities and the learning.

Website: https://events.humanitix.com/kidsfest-explore-our-wetlands

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/549141875678470/

Address: Lincoln Event Centre, 15 Meijer Drive, Lincoln, 7608

Contact number: 03-423 0445 (Dave Fitzjohn)